some Invaders [quelques Space Invaders]

I'm flashing the Invaders with the app for smartphone since July 2021.
Invaders are tile mosaics disseminated on walls and on asphalt since 1998 by a street-artist called himself Invader. There are 4 183 around the world and about 1 500 in Paris, the artist's favorite field.

My first flashes were in Ljubljana (LJU_01 · LJU_02 · LJU_08) at Mednarodni Grafini Likovni Center during the Prints on Paper exhibition.


Mednarodni Grafini Likovni Center, with LJU_08

I can't say I was drugged yet in Ljubljana, I only flashed four Invaders during a trip to Central Europe especially in Wien (WN_55) and Berlin, two others cities invaded like Ljubljana.
Since, the drug has had its effects and the legs are in a good shape.
I know I will return in Ljubljana one day, as soon as possible, and go eveywhere else I hope, all the pleasures, not just that of flashing mosaics, are endless.

ps. I listed each one of Invaders I flashed with there gps location but I will never provide none information on this website, juste leads for curious, file will stay in my computer and in my memory.

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